Club Championship Points can be earned throughout the year for training, racing and volunteering with all points going towards winning the End of Year awards.

  • Awards are available for both Male & Female in each of Adult (>19), Junior (12-19) and Munchkin (5-11) categories.  Ages are as at 31/12/2017.
  • Points can be accrued throughout the year
  • Only current club members are eligible for the awards
  • All club members are eligible for the awards including committee members
  • 25 points are awarded at for attending Sunday squad training sessions chosen at random (based on the sign in sheets). You won’t know when these are going to be, so best turn up anyway 🙂

Club Races

  • A minimum of 3 club races must be competed in (or volunteered at for committee members) to be eligible for the end of year awards
  • 100, 99, 98, etc points are awarded based on finishing position in the sprint, enticer, kids long course then kids short course races, eg., if the following numbers of club members competed in the race
    – sprint: 5
    – enticer: 3
    – kids long course: 4
    – kids short course: 2
    then the points would be awarded as follows
    – sprint: 100, 99, 98, 97,96
    – enticer: 95, 94, 93
    – kids long course: 92, 91, 90, 89
    – kids short course: 88, 87
  • 50 points are awarded for each team member regardless of place
  • 25 points are awarded to anyone starting the race but not finishing (ie., a DNF)
  • A bonus 100 points are awarded for each club member competing or volunteering in all club races

 Volunteering (Adults only)

  • 1 club race must be volunteered at to be eligible for the end of year awards
  • 100 points are awarded for the first race volunteered at, with 90 points awarded for volunteering at subsequent races

 CHAOS Points (Adults only)

CHAOS points are all about challenging yourself in training with the added incentive of earning points towards the End of Year awards.  And in case you were wondering, CHAOS stands for “Climbing Hills And Other Stuff”!

This year CHAOS points can be earned by completing a monthly challenge (as inspired by Strava challenges).  An event will be created in the Free Radicals Facebook group for each monthly challenge a few days before the start of each month.  All claims for points must be posted to that event.  Claims can be in the form of a link to your Strava or Garmin Connect activity, a photo of your watch showing time, distance, etc or some other evidence to verify your claim (not that we don’t trust you, its just to keep everyone accountable and above board!).  These posts will then be processed & points allocated accordingly at the end of every month.

50 points will awarded per challenge completed, with additional bonus points available for various challenges along the way. Unless the monthly challenge specifies otherwise

Current Challenge (March)

Current Club Championship Points – as at 28/02/2017

Male Female Junior