2016 Christmas Party and Club Awards

Following on from the AGM the high spirits flowed freely. There was talk of Cairns, talk of endurance, whispers of injury & recovery and someone even mentioned the U word, Ultra. A golden roast was laid out for all and for a short while there was just the sound of grazing cattle.

Then it was time for the awards, fought for throughout the year. Some called it CHAOS, some called it challenging and some called it hell. But at the end of the day the athletes that involved themselves in the club and it’s events rose to the top.

Club Championship Awards

Female Male
Munchkin (5-11)
1 Angela Radford Ben Russell
2 Zoe Bond Michael Fourie
3 Alexandra Holt Drew Roberts
Junior (12-19)
1 Brooke Davis-Goodall Thomas Radford
2 Charlana Fourie Riley Smithers
3 Nalize Fourie Robbie Finmore
Adult (>19)
1 Alison Bowen Luke Bowen
2 Sue Price Trevor Brown
3 Bec Torrisi Graham Crawford

Club Awards

And voted by you, the Free Radicals Tribe Triathlon Club.

Most Improved Triathlete of the Year

Salzi Parkinson

Best Volunteer of the Year

Dave Sterritt

Club Member of the Year

Dave Radford